Security Screening and Other Measures

For the security of all participants, all delegates will be screened each time they enter the World Forum. It is recommended that delegates allow extra time to clear security screening prior to scheduled meetings, particularly on the first morning of the Conference.

The use of mobile telephones, radio transmitters, recording devices, and cameras may be restricted in certain areas of the World Forum and other venues. Any such restrictions will be clearly communicated. Delegates are advised not to leave briefcases or any valuable items unattended in the meeting rooms. Please ensure that all baggage is labelled visibly from the outside (e.g. with a luggage tag). The OPCW will not assume responsibility for any lost items or for the destruction of unattended baggage deemed to be suspicious.

The Secretariat point of contact for security arrangements throughout the Conference is Mr Terrence Dunn, Head, Office of Confidentiality and Security. Find his contact details here.

Emergencies and Security Situations

In case of emergency (fire, medical, police), call 112.

For non-emergency matters, the police can be reached at 0900-8844.

For non-emergency security situations in any of the venues for the Conference, contact the security staff on duty at the venue or call the OPCW Security Control Centre at +31 (0)70 416 3315.

For emergencies in the World Forum, notify the security staff on duty or dial 9 from any of the courtesy telephones in the meeting rooms. An on-site security office is located on the first floor of the World Forum and will attend to any emergencies and security situations at that venue during the Conference.

For emergencies at OPCW Headquarters, call the OPCW Security Control Centre’s emergency numbers, +31 (0)70 416 3313 or +31 (0)70 416 3333.

Medical Service

Should medical first aid be required, security personnel may be contacted at any time. For participants with a non-acute medical problem that requires attention, the Secretariat’s doctor can be contacted via the Registration Desk.

Nearest hospital
Haga Ziekenhuis
Sportlaan 600, 2566 MJ
Den Haag
Tel: +31 (0)70 210 0000

Alternate hospital
HMC Bronovo
Bronovolaan 5, 2597 AX
Den Haag
Tel: +31 (0) 070 312 4141