Non-Governmental Organisations

Non-governmental organisations help to raise awareness of chemical weapons issues, challenges, and the path ahead.


NGOs that would like to attend CSP-22 must apply to the General Committee for CSP-22 before 18:00 CET on Friday 25 August 2017.

NGOs interested in receiving financial support to attend CSP-22 must apply to the Chemical Weapons Convention Coalition before 18:00 CET on Friday 25 August 2017. (See more information below)

Applications received after the deadline will NOT be considered.

NGOs interested in holding exhibits or side events during the Conference must inform Conference Services before Monday 13 November 2017. (See more information under NGO Exhibits)


To be eligible to attend CSP-22, NGOs must demonstrate strong engagement with the issues of relevance to the Chemical Weapons Convention through the application form.

NGOs must include a clear, informative and concise mission statement or summary of their work that indicates:

  • their engagement with issues of relevance to the Chemical Weapons Convention;
  • information on their activities related to the scope of the Conference; and
  • information on funding sources.

Applications missing this information are incomplete and will not be considered.

Registration of previous NGO participants

NGOs approved to attend the 2016 Conference of the States Parties (CSP-21) are anticipated to be accepted to attend CSP-22.

This participation, however, is contingent upon the review and decision of the General Committee expected by mid-September 2017.

Decision on application

The General Committee for CSP-22 is expected to review and decide on submitted applications by mid-September 2017.

After the General Committee completes its review and makes its decisions, NGOs will receive notification by e-mail. This timing is intended to allow for sufficient time to make travel and visa arrangements.

Frequently Asked QuestionsInformation on NGO Exhibits

Financial support

Limited financial support for NGOs to attend CSP-22 is available from the OPCW (thanks to European Union funds) and the Chemical Weapons Convention Coalition.

All NGOs interested in obtaining this support should contact the CWC Coalition before 18:00 CET on Friday 25 August 2017.

Requests should be directed to Dr Paul Walker at pwalker@


NGOs are responsible for securing any visas required for entry into the Netherlands. Visas may be obtained from consular missions of the Netherlands.

NGO representatives whose country of residence does not have a consular mission of the Netherlands may instead obtain a visa from the mission of another country party that is party to the Schengen Agreement and is responsible for issuing visas on behalf of the Netherlands.

If a Note Verbale is required for the visa application, please contact the OPCW visa section, tel: +31 (0)70 416 3777 or +31 (0)70 416 3820

NGO Exhibits

Exhibition space is available for NGOs to showcase their activities and achievements in promoting the aims of the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC). Exhibits that mark the 20th anniversary of the CWC and OPCW are especially encouraged.

Further details about Exhibits are included in Frequently Asked Questions.

Important contacts

Visa and Note Verbale

Tel: +31 (0)70 416 3777 or +31 (0)70 416 3820

Financial support

E-mail: pwalker@